Inspired by unique vintage tie patterns from the 70s, the designer Elizabete Palma started to create beautiful patchworks. Old neckties are reborn as mesmerizing headpieces and fashion history puzzles.

Founded in 2015 in Portugal, the brand Elizab’hats offers unique and unrepeatable hats that are carefully combined and tailored. The  infallible aesthetic and superior quality of each hat is secured by the presence of the designer all through the process.

Elizabete Palma works with traditional local hatters using secular materials such as cork and burel (traditional fabric produced from wool). The preservation of Portuguese craftsmanship techniques and cultural legacy are part of the brand ethos.

Made to last and produced in Portugal, Elizab'hats designs are a fusion between a statement, upcycling deluxe and ancestral knowledge. 

Can you believe that these hats were once neckties?