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150 EUR


The Caribe Hat is a stunning flower explosion, in a combination of baby blue, turquoise, silver and vibrant pink. So fresh and sweet! The colorful flower pattern in the front is a piece of luxurious fabric from a Versace necktie. Linen in a natural raw colour softens all the exquisite patterns and a sparkling baby blue ribbon made with a exceptional necktie gives it the final touch. This hat is perfect for a summer day near the beach.

- The pattern in the front is made of a vintage Versace necktie

- One of a kind piece

- Classic shape

- Genreless

- Size 58

- Materials: neckties, cork, linen

- Dimensions 34Lx30Wx15H

- Made in Portugal

Stablished in 2015 in the heart of Lisbon, Elizab'hats offers individual design and statement pieces for clients from all over the world.  

Inspired by vintage tie patterns from the 70's and concerned with sustainability,  the designer Elizabete Palma developed "The Tie Hat",  where old neckties can reborn as mesmerizing headpieces and fashion history puzzles, each piece is carefully combined and tailored by the designer.

"I dedicate my work to the ones that shake the city with their incredible style..."