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Golden Magenta

100 EUR

Elizab’hats X Sofia Alves Design

The Golden Magenta Hat is one exclusive piece created in partnership with Sofia Alves Design. This unique piece features amazing graphic details hand painted by this artist and textile designer, over gorgeous vintage neckties fabrics – the Elizab’hats DNA.

- Hand painted details by Sofia Alves Design

- One of a kind piece

- Classic shape

- Genderless 

- Size 57

- Materials: neckties, cork, linen

- Remade in Portugal

Established in 2015 in the heart of Lisbon, Elizab'hats offers individual design and statement headpieces.

Fashion, art, design were always a major source of inspiration for Elizabete Gonçalves. One day, while recycling her garbage, she found a bag full of beautiful vintage neckties from the 70's, Elizabete fell in love with the richness of those fabrics and patterns and brought them home.

She started to test this fabrics as a raw material to produce fashion accessories, but her love for hats and an iconic picture of a camera holding Patty Smith wearing a hat were the starting point for Elizab'hats.

The result was the tie-hat: eccentric, unique, upcycled and fun.